Vi-Tech Electronics is dedicated to provide the best Quality Test Service to meet the needs and demands of our customers.
Here at Vi-Tech we are inspired by the ever changing future of technology, in-turn, motivated to bring the highest satisfaction to our
customers. Our highest goal is to help our customers reach their destination offer a successful mission. Vi-Tech Electronics employs only the finest of test operators. Our operators are highly experienced & knowledgeable with over 20 years in the industry.

  • Reliable Services

    Reliable Services

  • Fast and Friendly Support

    Fast and Friendly Support

  • Fast and Friendly Support

    Guaranteed Results


I would like to share a few words with you about the company here at Vi-Tech Electronics:

I have been in the PCB Manufacturing Industry since 1986, and there are a few words that have always stuck with me and those are-
-Integrity, Quality & Time.

I have always been inspired to have a business with the customers as my first priority. Integrity is the word that best defines the work ethic and has always been of great importance to me to keep our customers first. Quality is our primary focus because valid results and timely delivery allows for an optimal relationship from beginning to end. A job that has been examined, handled correctly, with pre-cautions at the forefront and that has been serviced with the highest attention of its operators; that is what Qualifies a Quality job. Time is last and although it is very important it does not trump over Quality. I have equipped Vi-Tech Electronics with more Equipment for more Rapid Time Delivery and will continue to invest in more Equipment to bring about more Rapid time. My goal has always been to bring a service that the Customer is completely satisfied with.


Thank You,

zia Akram

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