Vi-Tech Electronics are proud owners of some of the world’s finest technology in the electrical test field. Our test equipment is always up to date, calibrated yearly & maintained to provide the best quality of testing in the printed circuit board industry.

The list below names & specifies the capabilities of our test equipment:

  • Combinational Testing – Mixed Flying Probe & Fixture
  • Troubleshooting and Repair Services


3 Microcraft EMMA
NEW! 1 ATG A7 Flying Probe


2 Everett Charles Grid Tester (Bed of Nails)
  • High Voltage Test 10V to 1000V
  • Continuity Test: 1Ω – 10KΩ
  • Isolation: Upto 25M&#937
  • Flying Probe Test – Low volume, High density, Small features
  • Large Test Area, 30″ x 28″
  • HIPOT Testing
  • Single Side + Dual Side Test – Low-High volume, All technology, SMT, Thru-hole

2 Everett Charles Grid Tester

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